How StableWP Uses Codelia to 5x Productivity

The Challange

How to speed up the content marketing strategy management for many customers, including activities like content creation, newsletter promotion, and social media posting.

The Outcome

The unified content workflow provided by Codelia has led to a faster content marketing strategy definition and attuation, more productivity, and better team collaboration.


StableWP is a full-service digital agency focused on web and marketing services, from WordPress development to PPC advertising, email marketing, and SEO content marketing.

  Toronto, Canada

  Digital Marketing Services

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Automate Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

StableWP's marketing services are based on data-driven results, and content marketing is a strategy to make their clients able to reach a wider audience.

To create a robust content strategy they start from keyword research, and end up to content creation and distribution on websites, newsletters, and social media channels.

Doing keyword research and competitor analysis was one of their most time consuming tasks, as they were involving more team members working with different tools and manually visioning clients' competitors websites.

Codelia built-in keyword research, competitor analysis, and content ideas tracking make StableWP team able to save time, letting everyone to work on the same workspace, access the same data, and reduce the use of many different tools.

"There's no more need to keep note of the selected keywords in shared Google Drive files, avoiding the need to jump from a tool to another while working. In addition, our team can now get automated data and reports based on our clients competitors activities, avoiding to do it manually. The entire content marketing process as been speeded up significantly thanks to Codelia.", said StableWP's Managing Director.

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Publish Content Everywhere

For StableWP team, posting content on multiple places is a key success factor to achieve results for their clients.

StableWP's platform stack is made of WordPress for website development and management, and Klaviyo for email marketing activities. Writing pieces of content on WordPress, rewriting the email version on Klaviyo, and manually posting them on many social channels was requesting many team members and time resources.

With Codelia, their team can finally write content in many formats, for the web, social, and emails from one unique workspace, connecting all the channels to the platform and publishing the content on all of them in one click.

Codelia Zapier integrations make them able to perform multiple tasks on WordPress, Klaviyo, and all the required social channels, publishing an article on the web, sending a newsletter, and posting on social channels when their piece of content is written on Codelia.

Their Managing Director describes it as a "seamless and faster workflow, having all the needed tools in one big suite able to join all the content marketing activities together."

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Speed Up the Reporting and Analysis Process

Checking how the content marketing strategy is flowing is an essential step for StableWP team.

Google Analytics is the platform used to generate reports and to check analysis about how the content they have created is performing.

Codelia built-in Google Analytics integration makes them able to generate in app reports and to check how their content is performing, which one needs improvements, where the traffic is coming from, and more.

"Having integrated analytics remove the final friction in our workflow.", concludes their Managing Director.

"Codelia enables multiple of our teams by streamlining processes for marketing, content, and sales departments. The platform provides a quick way for any team to quickly create and publish new content across many channels automating everyone's tasks."

Kimson, Managing Director @

Stable WP

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