How La Quincaillerie Ships Content 35% Faster with Codelia

The Challange

How to reduce the time and tools needed for the content strategy ideation and web content publishing.

The Outcome

Providing all the needed tools in one single workspace, Codelia led to an optimized workflow and speeded up the whole process.

La Quincaillerie

La Quincaillerie is an SEO and marketing agency that provides digital advertising, web and e-commerce services.

  Lille, France

  Digital Marketing Services

Challange 1

Optimize Keyword Research for SEO Copywriting

As one of their main marketing services, La Quincaillerie SEO copywriting starts with an SEO check, based on competitor and keyword analysis related to their clients' sector of activity.

All the data coming from keyword and competitor analysis were collected using different tools, and noted manually on shared files.

This process was involving much time, delaying the next steps: content creation and publishing.

Codelia unified workflow makes their team able to automate the keyword and competitor analysis, bringing these two tasks togheter and getting every team member on the same page.

Having all the keywords and competitor data saved in the Codelia workspace, La Quincaillerie team can directly jump to the next tasks without switching platform and workspace.

Challange 2

Get a Faster Content Writing

Content writing comes after keyword research, and having the keywords listed on a different tool used to write and publish was time consuming.

It was involving more time with the need of constantly switch between two different workspaces losing the line between their team members.

Codelia built-in content creation tools make La Quincaillerie team able to work on the same workpace, always letting them know the keywords to work on and competitors data related to a specific project while writing.

"Covering all the steps from one unique platform is a time saver for us.", said La Quincaillerie Marketing Director.

Challange 3

Get a Faster Content Publication

Jumping from where they wrote the content to their choosen CMS, manually copying and pasting the content, was bringing to time and data loss due to possible distractions.

By integrating Codelia with their CMS, La Quincaillerie team can now publish content directly after its creation and in one click from the same platform.

"We finally have no more need to jump from a Google Doc and an Excel file to our CMS to publish web content. This is cutting and improving our projects launching time.", concludes La Quincaillerie Marketing Director.

"It's been a long time since I've seen such a useful tool as Codelia. It helps us streamlining our concentration processes and makes us save enormous amounts of time. I would recommend 100% to any agency or large marketing team."

Hugues, Marketing Director @

La Quincaillerie

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