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Our Story

Born in 2021 from the past experience of its Founder, Codelia is a company specialized in software.

From the Founder past experience, a first product was prototyped and launched on the market, a Headless CMS, able to answer to the most common web agencies needs.

After the first launch, a new product was born by the intent of the Codelia Founder to deliver solutions for content teams, so Codelia launched another product, an All In One Content Platform.

Codelia' mission is to deliver products able to solve real needs, and this is why we believe in the dialog with people, being able to listen their needs and to transform them in solutions.

Edoardo Valenza

Meet the Founder

Edoardo Valenza

Edoardo is the Founder of Codelia. Fascinated by the digital world, he's looking for new ways to improve and automate the digital work life.

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